About Bianca

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Bianca is an experienced and gifted naturopath, herbalist, artist and sprititual intuitive life coach.

Healing with Bianca can assist you illuminate your path, work deeply to remove and let go of old emotional patterns that hold you in an out dated ways of thinking, feeling and acting. These repeat time and again and can be blocks to joy and success in all areas of life.

Bianca will work with you to identify areas of growth, creativity and potential allowing a renewed sense of direction and confidence in all areas of life.

Supporting your physical vitality throught the use of natural herbal medicines & inspiring and easy to implement dietary changes focusing on whole foods, Bianca can help you regain your passion, vitality, and heal from deep withing allowing you to feel amazing energy, love and joy in your life.


Bianca Patetl

Bachelor of Fine Arts – Sculpture 1998

Ad Dip Health Sc – Naturopathy 2004

Dip HSc – Herbal Med 2004

Dip HSc -Nutrition 2004

Bianca is a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society and has studied Western Esoteric Meditation for many years.


I love sharing my gifts with people to uncover their unique talents .

I hope to be able to bring out your gifts so that you may share them with the world,  xx Bianca