Spinach or Silverbeet Quiche

Spinach or Silverbeet Quiche

This is a great way to get a really big dose of greens into your life. I am purporting to goodness of this dish for other reasons but it does taste great and kids love it and it is super quick and easy.

1 large bunch sliver beet or spinach
6 eggs
200ml sour cream
about a cup crated cheese or packet of dried parmesan
puff pastry or short crust pastry to line pie dish

preheat oven to 180 degrees
grease pie dish and lay frozen pastry over top to soften, press pastry in to shell or if feeling particularly virtuous line with the short crust pastry you just made.
remove stalks of sliver beet or roots of spinach and wash well. Be particularly careful washing the sandy dirt from spinach. Shake water from leaves and put into large pot with lid on and cook over medium heat until just wilted. Remove and run under cold water until cool enough to really squeeze dry. Chop finely and set aside to cool further while you prepare rest of ingredients.
In a large bowls whisk eggs, cream, cheese and optional salt, pepper, nutmeg and then stir in spinach well. Making sure to get the egg mix between all the clumps of leaves. Pour into pastry lined pie dish and bake for about 40 mins or until the middle of the quiche has just risen or just before it rises if you like a softer quiche.

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