“Mexican Delight Sweet Potatoes”

“Mexican Delight Sweet Potatoes” name by my daughter Mila

4-6 small banana sized orange sweet potatoes scrubbed clean.

Preheat oven to 200 degrees C

line the bottom tray with foil and place the sweet potatoes on the rack above for 1 hr turn and roast for another 30mins. This is approximate because all potatoes cook at different rates depending on age etc.They should be super soft to touch and dripping sticky sweet ‘sap’ and just beginning to darken but not yet black on the outside.

Meanwhile prepare your beans, salads and salsa

Re fried Beans
Red kidney beans or black beans are best, canned or pre prepared ones you have cooked yourself.

1 – 2 cans beans drained.
1-2 tsp cumin toasted
¾ cup passata or ½ can tinned tomatoes or 2-3 chopped fresh tomatoes (or left over red pasta sauce)
salt to taste
½ cup water
splash red wine vinegar

simmer till beans are softened and squash them a bit

Winter Salsa
fresh corn cut from 1 cob
2 sticks celery finely diced
1 red capsicum finely diced
½ teaspoon cumin
lightly saute with olive oil and add salt and lemon or lime juice or white wine vinegar.

Winter Salad
Red Cabbage finely sliced on mandolin
Fennel finely sliced
Red wine vinegar

To serve
Sour cream or yogurt
corn chips

To assemble slice a sweet potato longways and add a dob of butter
pile on beans then salad and salsa and top with sour cream and jalepenos with corn chips on the side.

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