A Spiky Heart Warmer

Epacris impessa or Common Heath was in glorious abundance today as we meandered over Mt Blackwood.

A dazzling peppering of bright magenta glowing in the positively balmy autumn afternoon. Be warned, this beauty is protected by super sharp, spiky leaves. Soft delicate flowers of bright fuchsia, soft pink or even bright creamy white, burst forth from between the spiny leaves.

This glorious plant is the floral emblem of Victoria and today you could see why.

As a vibrational remedy Epacris is softening, assisting in allowing our heart to come to the fore and prevent us snapping into sharp hurtful ways of acting.  It is useful for wounded souls and those seeking the higher vibrations of love to become their way of being.

Take a wander through some southern bushland over the next few months to delight in this beautiful floral specimen.


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