A Fairy Circle to Boost the Vitality of your Garden

Why are there so many fantastic tales of fairy circles and what bestowed them with the status of “Good Luck Charm” of all good luck charms?

In the past the vitality of our soils were very important to individuals as it meant a successful yield or not.

Today there is a great deal of research occurring about the benefits of mycorrhizal fungi in our eco systems.

Fly agaric mushrooms are mycorrhizal fungi. That means it forms a mutually beneficial relationship with its host tree. This association provides the tree with increased absorption of water and minerals, and the fungus with constant access to carbohydrates. This allows both to prosper and thrive.

There is some amazing new research to suggest that trees can communicate with each other via a mycorrhizal network. WOW! Now who said fairy rings were just superstitious nonsense?

I am delighting at the growth of lots of new fungi in my garden over the past few weeks, no Fly Agarics however. Hopefully I will start to see the benefits soon as my soil starts to return to life.

Check out this wonderful documentary currently available on SBS.


This documentary explores the amazing properties of one of nature’s most ancient and sophisticated living organism, with exclusive access to the leading US expert in the field, Paul Stamets. From digesting oil waste to allowing trees to grow in deserts, from “last chance” drug for patients, to communication networks’ modeling, mushrooms could become humankind’s best allies in the 21st century. (From France, in English & French) (Documentary) G CC

 And some further information on http://www.anbg.gov.au/fungi/mycorrhiza.html


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