Recover your essence Clear your blocks & Heal your world

Ingara Healing is a path to inner wholeness, happiness and joy, where physical wellbeing meets spiritual vitality.

Are you seeking answers, clarity and a deeper connection with your essential self?

Do you know there is more to life but are struggling to fully fit the pieces of the puzzle together?

Do you need to let go and fully connect to your body and spiritual self, become your own friend and heal your life?

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If the answer to any of these questions is yes then I can help you find the clarity, connection and balance you desire. Bringing together herbal medicine, nutrition, flower essences, bodywork & meditation with my natural intuitive gifts I work with you to bring out your inner gifts while supporting your physical & emotional health and resilience.

Transforming our world starts with you! Only you can allow your gifts to shine so that you may walk your path and take your place in the healing of our world.